How Businesses are Using VR and AR

In the second half of 2016, VR and AR (Virtual and Augmented Reality) became real. The technologies behind these “enhanced” versions of reality are no longer Jetson-like gadgets that we dream of.

We can already video-chat with anyone around the world. We can hoverboard down the street and turn on the lights with our voice. Now with VR and AR, we can transport ourselves to new realities.

Just one amazing usage of this is Tilt Brush which allows users to paint and then immerse themselves within their art. Enjoy the demo video below.

Keep reading to see how small businesses are using VR.


  • Education companies and schools offer classes through VR and AR technologies.
  • Real-Estate firms can show properties without buyers needing to run around to see them. With VR headsets, they can screen properties before going to look at them.
  • Medical professionals may soon be able to practice procedures eliminating some of the cost of actual medical supplies.
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BONUS: Use your mouse to move this 360 video around. You can see the classroom from all angles.

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