Snapchat Spectales On Sale Now

Snap Spectacles, a video-recording pair of sunglasses, are now available for purchase online.

They have been on sale since November, but you could only buy them from a single New York City pop-up shop or a pop-up vending machine. Now they are available for everyone online at

Perhaps the coolest feature is the ability to record video and then watch it in both vertical and horizontal modes. The video adapts to the direction of the screen. An example of this functionality is shown on

Advertising on Snapchat has mainly been reserved for large brands with big budgets through sponsored Storied and Filters. Smaller businesses can use this platform to…

  • Share behind-the-scenes access to events and office-life
  • Show a lighter and more fun side of their company
  • Show a product in-use
  • Find an influencer to promote your product or service to their Snapchat followers
  • Other ideas? Share them in the comments section below.

Snapach Spectacles


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