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Google Analytics ScreenshotWhether you’ve just launched a website or had a site for a while, understanding your site’s performance can be confusing. Google Analytics is an amazing free tool to track the traffic on your site but it can be overwhelming for the average small business owner who just wants to know how many people visit their site and what pages they visited.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP is a great plugin for your site which provides a snapchat of your site data directly on your WordPress Dashboard. All you need to do it download the plugin, install it and visit your dashboard and you’ll see something like this:

google-analytics-dashboard-for-wp screenshot 1

Here’s a break down of what each section of data tells you:

SESSIONS – Shows you the total number of times your site has been viewed in the designated time period. This number includes repeat visitors, so if the same visitor viewed your site 5 times in the designated time period, each of those 5 times would count as a separate session.

USERS – Shows the total number of individuals that visited your site during the specified time period. This number does not include any repeat visits by an individual.

PAGEVIEWS – Shows the total number of pages viewed on your site in the designated time period.

BOUNCE RATE – Shows the percentage of visitors that landed on an individual page on your site and then left without navigating to a second page. The goal is to have a low bounce rate. The more you can get visitors to click around on your site, the lower your bounce rate will be.

ORGANIC SEARCH – Shows how many people are discovering your site through search engines.

PAGES/SESSION – Shows the average number of pages visited per session during the specified time period.

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