Create an awesome website in under two hours for under $200

Creating your own website does not have to take tons of time or cost thousands of dollars.

Hiring a designer will save you time and may yield a more professional product, but you have the ability to create something awesome all by yourself. We recommend using WordPress because of the power and level of customization it allows for.

Before starting to create your own site, I recommend you download our Web Design Checklist and gather all the items you need first. This will make the design process MUCH smoother.

Once you’ve collected all the necessary information, images, text etc., you are ready to start setting up your site.

STEP #1 – Domain Name

The first step is choosing a domain name. A domain name is the URL for your site. Example: or Domains cost as little a $7 per year but they can cost thousands of dollars if you choose a premium URL or decide to purchase one from someone who already owns it. I do not recommend spending a lot of money on a domain name. Choose something short and easy to remember, but also know that most people will not type your domain name directly. Most people will arrive at your site by clicking a link that takes them there.

STEP #2 – Hosting

After deciding on your domain, you need to purchase Web Hosting. Hosting is where your site will live. It’s basically like having files on your computer, except a website is stored on a much powerful computer that is always accessible. Hosting will cost between $4 and $15 per month. If you pay upfront for a period of time, you’ll receive the biggest discount. You can purchase two years of WordPress hosting with Godaddy for about $150 and that includes a free domain name for the entire two years.

STEP #2b – SSL Certificate

If you plan on selling products or accepting credit card payments, you will also need an SSL Certificate. This changes your site from HTTP to HTTPS. The cost for this is as low as $56 per year.

TIP: You can call Godaddy at (480) 505-8877 and they can set up everything for you on the phone. Tell them you want to purchase “WordPress Hosting for two years with a domain name.” Ask them for the latest promotional offers.

STEP #3 – Choosing a Design/Template

Once your hosting is setup, you can log-in to your site through Godaddy or go to www.[]/wp-admin and log-in. First, select your design by going to APPEARANCE -> THEMES. There is no limit to the amount of WordPress themes/templates that exist. Here are some nice Free and Premium themes you can use.

STEP #4 – Creating Your Site

Visit the Complete Crash Course to learn how to set up your site with a step-by-step tutorial. This includes how to upload your theme, create pages and posts and get your site live. Questions? Email us at


  • 60 minutes to gather all the items from the checklist
  • 20 minutes to set up your domain and hosting with Godaddy on the phone
  • 40 minute to upload your theme and insert your information
  • TOTAL = 120 Minutes


  • $150 for hosting and free domain for two years
  • $50 for either the SSL certificate or a premium theme. If you need the SSL certificate and want to stick to the $200 budget, choose one of these quality free themes.
  • Total = $200

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